Implementing change rapidly and at scale

10 June 2021

5:00 – 6:30pm London

Virtual roundtable

All organisations need to simultaneously optimise today’s performance and be fit for change in the future. They need to perform and evolve at the same time.

More and more organisations find themselves sitting in environments that change faster than they are used to. A pertinent example is how remote work has been embraced and will become the new normal in the post COVID world.

At this roundtable, Karolina Lewandowska, Global Change and Transformation Lead at Google, will share her learnings and insights on:

• The importance of understanding and anticipating how we as humans respond to change in various ways and the “four faces of change”

• How to support your peers and colleagues during this process and what tangible steps can be taken by team leads and managers to keep teams empowered

• How to effectively organize for remote work by ensuring the availability of the right tools for this transition to keep teams connected and organized

Tim Westall is a partner at April Strategy, a consulting firm dedicated to helping organisations get better and quicker at implementing change, reframing it from an occasional transformation project to a way of life.

Tim will share thoughts on the principles and practice of impactful change acceleration, together with some ‘real life’ examples.

Karolina Lewandowska

Global Change and Transformation Lead @ Google

Karolina Lewandowska is an expert in communications, organisational change and business transformation. For over 10 years, she has worked with large and small organisations across Europe in a variety of industries, helping them to achieve business and cultural transformation through the use of Google technology.

Karolina is now part of the Business Transformation Office at the Google Cloud team and is based in London. She has a postgraduate certificate in Business International Relations and Sinology.

Tim Westall

Partner @ April Strategy

Tim Westall is an experienced business consultant and advisor with more than 25 years advising leading organisations on strategy, innovation and change management.

Tim began his career in international brand management with Unilever in the UK and France, moving after 7 years into the world of strategy and innovation consulting.

In 2004, Tim co-founded April Strategy, a boutique management consultancy with a focus on strategy, innovation and change acceleration.

Tim acts as a trusted advisor for organisation leaders, working with senior teams to formulate strategy and create the conditions for successful implementation within the organisation.

He is also a course leader on Strategy with the Institute of Directors, running regular professional development courses for directors on strategy formulation and implementation.

This meeting is open to Innovation Partnership members and partners. If you wish to apply to join please email