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Normative’s carbon accounting engine empowers businesses to accurately measure their full greenhouse gas emissions.

Using a Greenhouse Gas Protocol-backed methodology, Normative’s engine draws from 30 million data points to calculate the emissions costs of a business’s activity and financial activities – both in the business’s direct operations and in its value chain.

Businesses use Normative to identify emissions reduction opportunities, comply with carbon reporting legislation, and find opportunities for growth in a net-zero economy.


Allison is a leading global marketing and communications agency driven by a collaborative approach to innovation and creativity.

By taking an innovative perspective, every initiative, campaign, launch or proposal, encourages clients to let their brand up for air, take a deep breath and make an impact. By putting influence at the centre of their programming, turning ideas upside down to help clients remove the shackles of convention, define their own set of rules and find the compelling centre.

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