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San Francisco based YouNoodle was founded in 2010 to reinvigorate economies, companies and societies at scale by harnessing the power of thousands of startups & entrepreneurs around the world. YouNoodle has helped more than 1200+ customers engage with the most relevant startups for their specific business objectives.

With YouNoodle’s proprietary startup & expert network, you can be assured to find the right startups for your program. Leverage our network of 400,000+ global startups and 25,000+ experts to find, engage & integrate top tier startup talent within your organization.

Some of our clients include Cisco, Salesforce, Verizon, Tommy Hilfiger, Amazon, Guidewell & to name a few.

Embassy of Israel London

Israel, a 60-year-old nation with a population of 7.1 million, reached such economic growth that at the start of 2009, some 63 Israeli companies were listed on the NASDAQ, more than those of any other foreign country.

The Economic & Trade Mission at the Embassy of Israel in London exists to develop and enhance trade relations between Israel and the UK. As the official representatives of Israel’s Ministry of Economy, all our activities are carried out with single focus: to create and facilitate opportunities for business between British and Israeli companies and entities.



iamYiam is an award-winning leader in predictive health technology that helps organisations improve the life quality of employees through our innovative app syd™.

syd™ provides outcomes-based health planning to steer prevention strategies and track ROI so organisations can view anonymous, aggregated data while employees get personalised, goal-based recommendations and advice.

We use AI’s data-crunching and predictive powers to give recommendations for personalised preventative actions that head off physical, mental & behavioural risks and boost quality of life.

For organisations, we provide an anonymised population-insight health dashboard for outcomes-based health planning and to help steer prevention strategies and track ROI.




MeetinVR is a leading company in enterprise VR collaboration. The company was founded to push the technological boundaries for business meetings both for distributed teams and in client facing activities.

The spaces MeetinVR offers are optimized for collaboration and connection as every function is tailor-made to facilitate engagement, productivity, and fun. Users can review media together (360 content, images, videos) and access tools to enhance creativity and brainstorming.

Through MeetinVR, business meetings with colleagues and clients becomes an experience of possibility and imagination.

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