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Innovation Partnership is the only CxO network focused solely on innovation & change

As a high-touch membership organisation, we support leaders to future-proof their businesses.

We facilitate bespoke introductions between corporates, startups and experts.

Through roundtable meetings, IP showcases emerging technologies, cutting edge innovation, leading change and transformation solutions.

We believe that when organisations are more agile and adaptable, they build long term success, in turn supporting their people, the economy and society.

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Corina Balaneanu

Corina Balaneanu is the co-founder of Innovation Partnership. She has been working in commercial roles since 2006, notably for Dale Carnegie and also leading peer-learning networks for CEOs, Chairs and Non-Executive Directors of FTSE, Fortune, large pension funds and technology firms. She has led delegations to Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, visiting emerging startups, venture capital firms and corporate incubators.

Corina is a connections 'junkie'. She is always thinking about who can add value to an individual/business and vice-versa. Her great passions are economics and working to help businesses as they grow and reinvent themselves. Jobs are created and more livelihoods are supported, that's why she gets up in the morning.

Corina has completed a Disruptive Strategy programme with Harvard University, has founded a food startup and is currently on the board of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

She has travelled to over 70 countries and can give great tips on finding the best tacos in Mexico City or the best trek in Patagonia.



Amar Garcha

Amar Garcha is the co-founder of Innovation Partnership. He has been working in commercial roles since 2003 across a number of industries. Following six years leading sales teams at a couple of IT managed service providers he spent the last two years leading peer learning networks for CIOs, CHROs, COOs and CMOs.

A powerful connector and trusted advisor Amar is an extension of the commercial arm for clients and partners. He is passionate about working with startups to help them develop their products and scale, as well as helping large corporates enter or create new markets and grow.

Amar has a Computer Systems Engineering degree and a Masters in Management and is always keen to learn and develop new skills.

He is also passionate about most sports, both participating and following but none more so than football. As a Manchester United fan, life has been tough for the last decade but the two before that were pretty good! Above all, nothing is more important to Amar than family!


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