About Us

Innovation Partnership is the only C-level network focused solely on innovation & change

As a high-touch membership organisation, IP supports leaders to future-proof their businesses.

🤝 We facilitate bespoke introductions between corporates, expert partners and startups / scaleups.

🔦 Through roundtable meetings, we showcase case studies of radical / incremental / disruptive innovation, as well as change management / transformation solutions.

Membership is by invitation only and is for board members and C-suite of large organisations and technology firms of any size.

Our members are typically Chairs, Non-Executive Directors, CxOs (CEOs, CIOs / CTOs, Chief People Officers / CHROs, COOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers), business unit leaders and change / strategy budget holders.

To be part of our ecosystem, apply to join as a Member or as an Expert Partner.


Corina Balaneanu

Corina is the founder of Innovation Partnership.

She has been working in commercial roles since 2006, notably for Dale Carnegie and also leading peer-learning networks for Chairs / Non-Executive Directors, CEOs / C-suite of FTSE, Fortune, large pension funds and technology firms.

She has led delegations to Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, visiting emerging startups, venture capital firms and corporate incubators.

Corina is a connections 'junkie'. She is always thinking about who can add value to an individual/business and vice-versa. Her great passions are economics, startups innovations and working to help businesses as they grow and reinvent themselves.

Corina has completed a Disruptive Strategy programme with Harvard University and a No-Code AI and Machine Learning course with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). She has founded a food startup and is on the board of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

She has travelled to over 70 countries and can give great tips on finding the best tacos in Mexico City or the treks in Patagonia.


Rich Marsh

Rich is the Network Director at Innovation Partnership.

For the last 30 years-plus, Rich has worked with over 270 global and local businesses, each one seeking a sustainable, competitive edge – through people. Challenging and developing talent from entry-level, across organisations and into the Boardroom, he has been involved with recruitment, training, coaching and consulting. His engagements have taken him around the World as a speaker and also to provide tactical support to change initiatives – a favourite, but always challenging, ‘mission’.

Rich has personal experience of start-ups – and has appeared on television, radio and in mainstream media talking about his own business innovations. He has also been a panel expert for leadership and innovation fora. Rich is pleased to have been instrumental in helping others breakthrough growth barriers and reach their end goals.

A believer in lively discussion and challenging the status quo. Rich enjoys finding the so-called ‘sacred cows’ in any organisation and helping businesses to overcome politics, fear and intertia.


Annalisa Bellucci

Anna is the Head of Member Experience and Operations at Innovation Partnership.