includes tailored introductions, roundtable meetings, case studies and knowledge exchange, private dinners, startup searches, immersive delegations and more


Facilitated introductions to other corporates, experts and/or startups. Members priorities are matched with other board members/CxOs that are going through or have gone through similar journeys.

Introductions can also highlight the current and future innovation and change landscape, and ensure successful adoption, supporting businesses to become more agile and adaptable.

Roundtable Meetings

Monthly roundtable meetings (in person and virtual) with other board members and C-level executives from large organisations and tech companies of any size.

Sessions are interactive and are designed to help CxOs stay updated on the latest thinking and applications of emerging technologies and business models. They provide practical solutions on how organisations need to rapidly change and adapt.


Private Dinners

Our Chairs, Non-Executive Directors and CxO members regularly get together for exquisite private dining experiences with delicious food and wine pairings.


Innovation Xchange

The ability to ask startups and other corporate CxOs for innovation solutions. Exchange ideas around emerging technologies and arrange one-to-one meetings with the relevant connections.

Member Hub

A curated platform which includes the full-length videos from our previous roundtables, latest innovation applications, emerging business models, tech trends, ideas and change management case studies. We will also highlight promising B2B startups that are ready to engage with corporates, identifying key industries and areas they can support.


Immersive Delegations

Opportunity to join national and international delegations and visit startups, corporate incubators and innovation labs. Following successful tours in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, the Innovation Partnership team will curate an intensive programme highlighting emerging technologies and business models.

VR Headset & Meetings

Members receive Oculus Quest 2 headsets to join virtual reality meetings as well as virtual tours.

Who Can Join?

Membership is by invitation only and is for CxOs of large organisations and CEOs/Founders of technology firms. Our members are typically Chairs/Non-Executive Directors, CEOs, CIOs/CTOs, CHROs, COOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, business unit leaders and change/strategy budget holders.



Become a member

Membership is for CxOs of large organisations. If you would like to find out more about our membership options, please complete the form and we will be in touch shortly.

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      Get our monthly innovation and change insights


      Get our monthly innovation and change insights.