Drinks in virtual reality

17 December 2020

6:00 – 6:45pm London

VR Experience

Event Overview

If we can’t have festive drinks in Mayfair, if we can’t meet physically, why don’t we meet in VR?

Join us for a glass of wine and shake people’s hands in the only safe way currently possible, in virtual reality.

MeetinVR will show us around their amazing virtual boardrooms and we can experience their collaboration tools.  They’re making remote human interaction more effective by creating a new reality for businesses, optimized for teamwork and collaboration.

Practice using a virtual tablet and write on an infinite whiteboard, dictate sticky notes, place objects in mid-air and make them disappear by throwing them away.

To add a real-life treat to this VR-themed event, we have partnered with Uber for Business to offer you complimentary dinner and drinks on us. With gift cards and vouchers on Uber for Business, you can choose exactly what you would like to order on the day of the event and get it delivered safely to your home or office.

IP members will receive the most advanced VR headset, Oculus Quest 2, for free in order to join this meeting.

This meeting is open to Innovation Partnership members and partners. If you wish to apply to join please email hello@innovationpartnership.co.uk