Innovating the customer journey

25 April 2024

4:30 – 6:00pm (BST)

Central London & virtual



4pm: In-person arrivals

4:30-6pm: Roundtable

6-7pm: Drinks & networking

How people find, acknowledge, become educated about and ultimately purchase a product or service is changing all the time, and can vary hugely by geography, demography, and so on.

Many brands still believe this journey to be linear, but that is rarely- if ever- the case.

To bring consumers down the many paths towards buying something, brands must be ahead of the pace of change and ready to change tack on short notice.

In this session, our expert partner Allison will share how brands can not only take command of the best channels to reach their audiences, but also continuously reimagine customer engagement to break through the clutter and capture people’s attention.

Dan Whitney


Dan Whitney – MD, Marketing Innovation Team @ ALLISON

Dan has spent the past 24 years working with some of the world’s most high profile artists, brands and tech companies.

The thing they all have in common is a desire to create stories which connect with their audience. Whether it’s music, advertising, digital strategy or influencer engagement, Dan has worked across the landscape; managing campaigns, strategies and individuals.

Dan oversees integrated marketing for Allison across Europe and Asia, leading a team of digital strategists, data analysts, performance marketers, designers and producers to tell compelling brand stories.

With Dan’s guidance and mentorship, the team consistently delivers creative communications programmes to solve business issues for clients in healthcare, travel, technology and many more, never shying away from challenging the status quo.

About Allison

Allison is a leading global marketing and communications agency driven by a collaborative approach to innovation and creativity.

By taking an innovative perspective, every initiative, campaign, launch or proposal, encourages clients to let their brand up for air, take a deep breath and make an impact. By putting influence at the centre of their programming, turning ideas upside down to help clients remove the shackles of convention, define their own set of rules and find the compelling centre.

This meeting is open to Innovation Partnership members and partners. If you are a board member / C-suite / senior leader and wish to apply to join please email