Building resilience – Preparing and recovering from a downturn

29 September 2022

5:00-6:30 PM London (BST)

Central London & Virtual

Economists believe the economy is headed toward recession.

Stephen Roach, who served as chair of Morgan Stanley Asia, said the U.S. needs a ‘miracle’ to avoid recession.

In August the Bank of England announced its biggest interest rate increase in 27 years as it forecast that the war in Ukraine would fuel further inflation and tip the U.K. economy into a prolonged recession. The bank is predicting that soaring natural gas prices are likely to drive consumer price inflation to 13.3% in October.

How can businesses prepare for a recession?

Douglas McCormick, a turnaround executive, will share his experience dealing with failing businesses and the strategies he used to implement change. He will outline tips on resilience and how can organisations recover from a downturn.

Douglas McCormick

Group Executive Director @ GLEEDS


👉 Douglas McCormick, Group Executive Director | Executive Management Board @ GLEEDS

Douglas McCormick re-joined Gleeds in January 2020, and since then has navigated the UK business through this uncertain period, achieving great results for our clients. In February 2021, Douglas was appointed as Group Executive Director as part of the global expansion of the Gleeds business.

Having led teams of more than 1500 people and managed budgets in excess of £200m, Douglas has fulfilled a wide range of roles in the construction and infrastructure sectors at international level. Previously Chief Executive Officer of WYG Group, Douglas has advised on the strategic direction of global consultancies in the real estate sector, including as Chief Executive Officer of Currie & Brown’s former entity Sweett Group and Group Managing Director of the rail division of Atkins in the UK.

Starting his career as an apprentice, Douglas is particularly passionate about championing opportunity for the next generation of leaders, and previously acted as Commissioner for the UK Commission for Employment & Skills.

Douglas holds an MSc in Construction Management and a BSc in Quantity Surveying. He is Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a Fellow and Non-Executive Director of the Institute of Collaborative Working.

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