Corporate Startup Matchmaking

Friday 2nd July

12:00 – 12:45PM (BST)

Dipjyoti Deb

Venture Partner @ BSH Startup Kitchen


Dipjyoti Deb aka DJ is a Venture Partner at BSH Startup Kitchen in Munich Germany. After finishing his research in the field of quantum phenomena, he joined Bosch Research in Stuttgart as an expert in the Quantum technologies.
He was also at Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence in the heart of Silicon Valley and started to work with start-ups. His vision is to enable, empower and excite innovators to impact humanity and society. DJ is a Startup advisor for various programs (e.g. World Food Program) and passionate to build bridges between Startup, VCs and the strategic innovation focus of corporates.

At BSH Startup Kitchen we help BSH Group, to on board Startup innovation with fast track PoC. This makes validation fast and capital efficient.

Why we do that? We are a very special unit with lean purchasing processes and also IT tool box to deal with the Startup on boarding case by case basis.

What’s the benefit for the Startup? Corporate PoCs are nothing new for Startup but they get stuck after the PoC and scaling becomes difficult. We have very well defined methodologies which makes it extremely easy move into a post PoC phase and scale within the company.

As an example we did manage to validate the digital white board solution Miro in 65 days and a zero cost PoC turned into request and purchase order for thousands of licences creating millions in revenue for Miro.

Benjamin Lickfett

Global Head of Digital Innovation @ Diageo


Benjamin Lickfett, Global Head of Digital Innovation @ Diageo

Benni has over 15 years’ experience in using technology and innovation to unlock the brand potential of Fortune 500 firms and startups. In his current role, as Global Head of Digital Innovation at Diageo, he is driving the test & learn agenda and championing digital transformation across a world-class spirits portfolio. His team of creative technologist are implementing cutting-edge marketing, hospitality and retail tech solutions to future-proof the Diageo business and create a competitive advantage for brands like Guinness, Bailey’s, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray and many others.

Prior to Diageo he co-founded the leading financial services comparison site in the Nordics, an e-commerce retailer for non-medical allergy products and the first user generated cause-marketing platform (one exit, one survivor, one implosion ). Benni also spent several years consulting industry leaders such as Hilton Hotels, ExxonMobil, BlackRock, Cartier and Tetra Pak on their growth strategy.

Benni holds an MBA from IE Business School and a BA in International Relations from Tufts University.