Accelerating Growth & Revenue

Friday 2nd July

5:00 – 5:45PM (BST)

Bracken Darrell

CEO @ Logitech


Bracken Darrell, CEO @ Logitech


Subhash started his career as a strategy consultant at Strategy& and at OC&C.

He subsequently moved onto P&L and team management roles in industry. Subhash was part of the launch team at BT Sport, the only sports broadcaster to have successfully challenged Sky Sports in the UK. He created and managed multiple B2B and B2C revenue streams – helping to ensure that BT Sport’s commercial premises subscriber base was greater than that of Sky’s.

He then joined WWE as a Director of International Digital Media, where he entered 55 new countries and originated 27 partnerships across the content syndication, mobile services and advertising sectors.

Excited about the digital transformation opportunities within the travel and transport sector, Subhash then joined FirstRail as Head of Digital Strategy. He has led a successful digital transformation across its five eCommerce businesses, delivering significant revenue growth and best in class customer satisfaction. His remit includes digital marketing, customer experience, product management and innovation.

Subhash will talk about how rapid revenue growth for First Rail’s five eCommerce businesses was delivered by an innovative, customer-centric approach to prioritising opportunities and risks; and will provide an overview of the innovations that enabled First Rail to deliver enhanced retailing and customer service across the customer’s end-to-end journey