Net zero journey for corporations

Friday 1 July 2022

3:00 – 3:55 PM (BST)

Jo Harlow will give the opening keynote and present some of Sainsbury’s innovations towards the journey to net-zero emissions, including a technology originally used by Formula 1 teams.

James Robinson will share Portakabin’s roadmap to net-zero. A brief explanation of the company’s climate strategy including calculation of the scope 1,2 & 3 carbon emissions. The purpose is to demonstrate a simplified approach to perhaps the greatest challenge of our generation.

Taking climate action not only fights climate change – it’s good business. Businesses that take climate action are compliant, attract customers, and entice top talent. When these businesses work to address what is often the biggest part of their carbon footprint – their value chain’s emissions – they can create innovations that have knock-on effects to their operational efficiency and bottom line. Maggie Buggie will focus on a case study and how Normative, the software platform, has been able to support companies to track and account for their carbon emissions.

Jo Harlow

Non-Executive Director @ Sainsburys | Halma | InterContinental Hotels


Jo currently serves on the boards of J. Sainsbury plc, Halma plc and Intercontinental Hotels Group plc. She is the Chair of the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Committee at J. Sainsbury plc, assisting the Board in developing the ‘Plan for Better’ strategy and commitments. She is also the Chair of the Remuneration Committee at Halma plc and IHG plc. Jo is also a Board Member of Chapter Zero, the organization for business leaders taking ownership of the climate challenge.

Jo has over 25 years’ executive experience working in various senior roles at Microsoft, Nokia, Reebok International and Procter and Gamble in both the United States and Europe. She is also an Ambassador for Justice and Care, a charity fighting modern slavery in countries around the world, including the UK.

James Robinson

Marketing & Sustainability Director @ Portakabin


James Robinson, Marketing & Sustainability Director @ Portakabin: James joined Portakabin in 2015 as Marketing Director and has since assumed responsibility for the company’s ESG agenda. Prior to Portakabin, James has held Board positions since 1998 at Fairline Boats of North America Inc, Fairline Boats Ltd and Williams Jet Tenders Ltd.

Maggie Buggie

Chief Operating Officer @ Normative


Maggie Buggie – Chief Operating Officer @ Normative

Prior to joining Normative, Maggie led global sales, commercial, engineering, and customer success teams at SAP, Capgemini, and Fujitsu.

Maggie has extensive experience building high growth businesses that monetize intelligent technologies. She is passionate about applying technology to create opportunities and solve problems. She is in the top 50 Power Women in Data Economy.