Net-zero solutions

19 January 2022

4:30-6:00 PM London (GMT)


In 1977 NASA stated that space-based solar power could replace fossil fuels. In our global journey for decarbonation, Will Whitehorn will focus on the critical need for this solution to become a reality and for certain energy intensive infrastructure, such as data centres, to move to space. He will also discuss the possibility of harvesting sun light in space and delivering it wirelessly to markets here on Earth, which is predicted to drop to half the cost of the electricity we are providing today.

We will also learn about Portakabin’s net-zero emissions plans. The company provides modular building solutions and have analysed Scope 1, 2 emissions which come from their direct organisations as well as Scope 3 emissions which come from activities in their value chain. James Robinson will share with us their plan and interventions, which includes transitioning to an EV fleet.


Will Whitehorn

Chair @ UKspace | Good Energy plc


Will Whitehorn, Chair @ UKspace | Good Energy plc; Seraphim Investment Trust plc | Craneware plc

Will Whitehorn was born in Edinburgh and graduated with an Honours degree from the University in Aberdeen before spending his early career as a Helicopter Search and Rescue Crewman in The North Sea (British Airways Helicopters 1982-1984).

He joined the Virgin Group in 1987 and in 2004 he became President of Virgin Galactic. In 2007 he became special advisor to Sir Richard Branson. He left Virgin at the start of 2011 but remains a consultant to Virgin Galactic.

In July 2018, Will joined the Board of Good Energy PLC as Deputy Chair and in September 2018 he joined the Board of the Royal Air Force as a Non-Executive Director with rank equivalent of Air Vice-Marshall.

In September 2019, Will joined UKspace as President of the trade association which represents the UK space industry.

In June 2021, Will joined Seraphim Space Investment Trust Fund PLC as Chair of the world’s first listed space technology investment fund.

In January 2020, Will became Chair of Craneware PLC, an Edinburgh based company which is engaged in the development, licensing and ongoing support of computer software for the United States healthcare industry.

Will was appointed Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University from August 2021.

In addition to his business commitments, Will is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, The Marketing Society and Vice President of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and fundraises for various charities.

He holds the Royal Aeronautical Society’s prestigious Geoffrey Pardoe Space Award for services to the space industry.

James Robinson

Marketing Director @ Portakabin


James Robinson, Marketing Director @ Portakabin

James joined Portakabin in 2015 as Marketing Director. He has since assumed responsibility for 3 (of 9) Portakabin businesses across Europe in addition to the company’s climate agenda. Prior to Portakabin, James has held Board positions since 1998 at Fairline Boats of North America Inc, Fairline Boats Ltd and Williams Jet Tenders Ltd.

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