Private dinner @ SushiSamba

19 May 2022

6:00-9:00 PM London (BST)

Central London

Located on the 39th floor, SUSHISAMBA London features the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe, offering unparalleled, 360-degree views of the City. Two panoramic glass elevators whisk patrons from the ground to the 39th floor. The orange tree sculpture on the west terrace, a SUSHISAMBA icon, reinforces the earth-to-sky motif while being an artwork in itself.

IP members and partners will get together in the spectacular private dining room with views of the London skyline. The chef-curated menus offer an inventive culmination of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. From Japanese tempura and sushi, to Brazilian churrasco and moqueca, to Peruvian anticuchos and seviches, the culinary creativity is limitless with something for every palate.

This meeting is open to Innovation Partnership members and partners.