From rap legend to venture capitalist

Nas’s debut album “Illmatic” is widely regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all times.

I’d like to share a bit about what he’s been up to outside of the music industry though.

Ben Horowitz from Andreessen Horowitz encouraged Nas to open his own VC firm. As a result, in 2014 Nas becomes a founding member of QueensBridge Venture Partners, a tech venture capital fund.

Some of their early investments:

– Robinhood
– Coinbase
– Lyft
– Dropbox
– Bevel (sold to P&G)
– Ring (sold to Amazon for $1.1B)
– PillPack (sold to Walmart for ~$1B)
– HouseParty (sold to Epic)
– LANDR (a startup that uses big data and artificial intelligence to produce music)

Nas’ investment philosophy?

“People. That is the absolute No. 1. I love to bet on great people that inspire me and make me think or see things differently.”

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Corina Balaneanu

Co-founder, Innovation Partnership

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