Spotlight: Rehan Haque – CEO @ MetaTalent

Rehan Haque is a transformation & cyber security specialist. A thought leader and subject matter expert with more than 15 years of global strategic and operational leadership delivering a holistic view of transformation and business-aligned cyber security solutions. He served the UK Government and Agencies implementing the National Cyber Security Strategy in the UK, along with the International Professional Body (ISACA) as Academic relations and research board of director and the European Union in defining a single European.

His latest venture, is a platform that enables people to upskill faster. Aligning businesses, workforce and technology through career focused work placements, MetaTalent delivers a remote, hybrid and in-person work experience, skills based training and consultancy to shape the global workforce.

MetaTalent aims to revolutionize the role of ed-tech platforms across the globe. Due to the on-going pandemic, coupled with the fourth industrial revolution, a fusion of emerging technologies is fast becoming a workplace reality. This evolution of immersive virtual technologies could now enable organizations to give their employees the best of both worlds.

The increased adoption, and the exciting future potential of the ‘Metaverse’ has led MetaTalent to embed VR technology and bring about a digital transformation for companies to train their workforce and interns.

Rehan founded the MetaTalent platform to not only empower young learners with the key employability skills needed to keep pace with the evolving workplace demands, but also help them drive their version of ‘Metaself. Using the power of ‘extended reality’ [the combination of augmented, virtual and mixed reality] to upskill learners in a virtual classroom where they’ll feel present together in real time rather than just see one another onscreen as with existing apps.

Equipping the next generation learners with a skillset that prepares them for the future of work, aims to create an inclusive workforce where a person’s location, gender, physical attributes, or personal circumstances are less important than their ideas or the quality of their work. As a result, organizations will benefit from diverse new talent pools from previously underrepresented groups.

This solution targets the global skill gap and thus produce learners who are able to bridge the gap between employer-employee demands. MetaTalent internship programme allows interns and global workforce to learn and work from anywhere, democratizing education to all. With reskilling and upskilling becoming a major need of time, these solutions will be aiding the mass global reskilling and thus preparing learners for the future of work.0202

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