Innovation Hackathon

June to December

Programme length: 7 months

Time commitment: 1 day per month for live sessions + assignments

Location: Blend of online and in-person in London sessions

Who should attend: Business leaders, Managers, Innovation leads, Intrapreneurs

Embark on a exciting journey integrating the creation, pursuit, and development of new products and services, along with the requisite skills for success.


Join a unique 7-month programme, where cross-functional teams of 4-5 individuals address real issues and opportunities within their company.


Kickstarting the program in London, participants will receive their challenge from their company sponsor. Subsequently, they’ll undergo comprehensive training in vital skills including

•  Creative and critical thinking – idea origination and validation
•  Accelerated collaboration – getting teams up and running quickly and effectively
•  Understanding the change process
•  Gaining support for innovation
•  ‘Stage’ and media skills in presenting and defending new ideas

Participants engage in a blend of face-to-face and online events, culminating in a London ceremony where participants showcase working prototypes or proof-of-concepts (POCs), receive certifications and awards.



Companies can opt for multiple teams, each comprising 4-5 members, with a dedicated corporate sponsor/mentor assigned to each. These sponsors will intermittently attend to offer support, eliminate obstacles, and review progress.

The principal trainer, a globally seasoned entrepreneur across diverse sectors, brings extensive experience in successfully running similar programs.

Key outcomes for organisations

•  Accelerate innovation
•  Solve strategic challenges
•  A potential cost-effective product/service launch
•  Crowdsource solutions
•  Develop and retain your top talent
•  Breathe new life into your organisation and boost employee engagement
•  Enhance collaboration across departments
•  Create a culture of continuous innovation

Places are extremely limited.

If you’d like to learn more register your interest here